MSL Performance: 8 Questions to Ask

This is the perfect time for you as a MSL to contemplate on The Critical 8 and answer each question for yourself.

If you do this, you’ll be off to a head start for the new year, or a worthwhile reflection for this current year.

You will stay focused and on purpose, instead of wandering wherever pressure is applied.


1. What is my role as a MSL at my organization?

2. What value do I generate for my team? My department? My company?

3. What am I going to accomplish each year? What information must I have to create a plan?


4. How do I create an action plan from my annual objectives?

5. How will I manage and juggle multiple deadlines?


6. How do I know I am effective and doing the right tasks?

7. How do I know when or if I need to change my approach or plans?


8. How do I make myself more competitive in the marketplace as a MSL?

Here’s to your outstanding performance as a MSL for the next business quarter!