MSL Interviews: Work on your STARs

Behavioral-based interviews are very popular with MSL managers. You may be familiar with questions like, “tell me a time when you dealt with conflict.”

STAR is a way of answering behavioral interview questions.

S = situation

T = tasks required of the situation

A = actions you took

R = results

It is very likely that hiring managers are trying to fit pieces of your answer into a STAR format, which is why you want to answer the question systematically. Make it easy for the hiring manager to fill in the STAR from your answer.

Now is the perfect time to apply the STAR method to as many questions on the big list of interview questions as you can.

Not all of the questions may fit the STAR approach (for example, “tell me about yourself”), but for the questions that do fit, write out your STAR response. You’ll get the hang of it by the fifth response you write!

You’ll find that by doing this exercise, you will not only increase your confidence in your ability to answer the question, but you may also be surprised by just how much transferable experience you have.

To your success!