MSL Career: Why Life-Long Career Makes Sense

2010-11-19_05.37_PM_Pic_01Here is the November update for the MSL Salary Survey. We currently have 75 admissible responses for the U.S. data (international data still consists of N=1 for countries and 3 for Canada, the Canadian data has been shared in past MSL Salary updates).

For this update, I’ve taken the average of the base salary based on years of MSL experience (“years of Tenure”). Click here to see a clearer graphic.

When you look at the base salary trends from up to 2 years of experience (this would include less than 2 years of experience) all the way through 10 years of experience, you’ll see that the increase in base salary can be significant, but is not a staggering amount. There was an outlier earning less than $100,000 base salary in the Tenure = 5 years sample, and if you removed that 1 outlier, the average would trend along a relatively smooth slope but gentle upward. It’s when you get to the 20-year mark that you see a bigger jump in the base salary – and where having a doctorate degree can make a difference in base salary.

The way this is trending suggests that the MSL career is truly financially rewarding as well as an intellectually rewarding career – but the pay scales do not have huge jumps in salary numbers with tenure increase – at least before the 10 year mark.