Jane Chin Answers Your Questions on Off-Label Discussions

Jane Chin, Ph.D. President, Medical Science Liaison Institute.

Question: When is it ok to disseminate off-label information without misleading the KOL?

Answer: For purpose of answering these questions I’d say it’s ‘OK’ to respond factually to a direct question from a KOL about an off-label use.

Example: WonderDrug® is indicated (approved) to treat incessant nagging.

KOL: One of my buddies told me he’s gotten great results with WonderDrug® in treating patients who complain of unbearable arrogance.

You: Please tell me more! *

*You don’t immediately jump into the off-label discussion when prompted – you let the KOL tell you as specifically as possible what s/he wanted to know.

KOL: He found that some patients have comorbid unbearable arrogance.. Is there any data published on WonderDrug® reduced the incidence of unbearable arrogance?

You: There was an abstract presented in the Proceedings of BigScienceCongress earlier this month. The abstract included some preliminary numbers – what data are you interested in?


KOL: So, what’s new?

You: Would you like to hear how WonderDrug® also works for unbearable arrogance?