Getting MSL Jobs: Pace and Persist

You probably have heard the saying “job search is itself a full time job”. This is true especially for breaking into the MSL career. Once you learn about the MSL career and decide that you want to become a MSL, your journey has just begun.

Next comes the research and education for you to make sure that you know as much about the MSL career as you can. Since you’re in my program, you are getting higher quality information that is immediately relevant to you. If you faithfully do all the tasks that I’ve asked you to do, then you’ve put yourself a good distance apart from your competitors who think they know it all or rely mostly on luck.

Pacing is important.

You may hear something soon after you apply, or it may be a few weeks or even months before you get a response. Whatever the result, you don’t want to burn yourself out too quickly, and be vulnerable to more stress than you already have from searching for jobs.

This is why routines can save your sanity. Commit a certain time each day – the same time if possible – to work on the MSL job search. If you tend to work in “sprints” (like me) rather than as a “marathon”, that’s OK too – as long as you give yourself boundaries for a “hard-stop” to rest. Otherwise you risk over-fatiguing your mental muscles.

Persistence is important.

Ask any MSL who have fought hard to get her job, and she’ll tell you that she got the job by persisting. It is very easy to give up and be discouraged, and frankly, it’s a very normal reaction to rejection.

Being rejected sucks and it hurts! I know because I’ve been rejected several times when trying for MSL positions back when I worked in the industry. Each time I feel like the wind was knocked out of my sails, and I’d have to muster a lot of strength and courage to put on a smile and tackle the next job application.

Hiring managers have said that the interview process is a bit like dating. If this is true – then persistence is key to you surviving this dating game. You may have experiences where you felt like you’ve been kissing frogs for months.

But it takes only ONE.

One “yes!” to get you on the path to the MSL career.

Pace yourself and persist for that one “yes!”

To your success!