Create your MSL presentation strategy

With rare exceptions, every single MSL including experienced MSLs have to deliver an interview presentation as part of the interview process.

In the past, candidates can pick their presentations. These days some employers prefer to give candidates the same presentation topic so they have a way to gauge each person’s presentation skills. If you’re given a presentation topic, you may be asked to give a presentation using a clinical reprint that the employer has selected.

However the presentation topic comes along for you, you want to start creating a presentation plan right now.

You want to look at these factors when creating your plan:

– how much time is allotted?

– how many people will attend, and who are these people?

– what would they be looking to sense from me or about me through this presentation?

Some people get 10 minutes (rare, but I’ve heard this happen once), others get 30 minutes to an hour. I actually think having only 10 minutes is a much harder presentation to prepare than a 60 minute presentation, because you have to be very careful what you choose to include in the presentation and make sure you don’t go over time.

You want to also make sure, no matter how long or how short your presentation is, to include information on “application”.

In other words, don’t focus only entirely on the science – talk about how the science affects patient care. You don’t have to have direct patient care experience to speak intelligently about this. But you have to care about patient care.

To your success!