Are you tired of wasting time sending your MSL job application into the Internet “Black Hole”? And when you DO get a response, are you sick of the constant rejection?

I wrote this book for people who want to break into the MSL Career – even when they don’t have MSL experience, even if they have been rejected before, even if they’ve gotten no response.
Over the years, I have heard the same story told by different MSL job seekers. It usually goes like this:

You hear about the MSL career and realize that this is your dream job. You get on the internet and look for MSL job postings. You fill out pages of MSL job application forms, click “send”. Then you wait.

One week goes by. Two weeks go by. No one’s calling. Not even a courtesy “thanks-we-got-your-resume-bye!” email.

Since you’re not one to sit around idle, you apply for more MSL jobs, including the ones in different states that aren’t paying for relocation. You’d move for the right career, and you know the MSL career is the right career!.

You wait some more. You feel a bit deflated this time. You check your email spam folder just in case a company contacted you and it went to spam. Is the ringer “ON” in your cell phone?

You begin applying for any job with the word MSL in the title, including jobs that say MSL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! You hope for a lucky break, that someone will look at what you have to offer and see that potential MSL inside you. You get a call! The recruiter found your background interesting.

But now the recruiter is asking about prior MSL experience. The recruiter tells you that she’ll keep your resume on file and quickly hangs up. The recruiter disappears into The Big Black Hole of MSL Job Hunting. Your emails and voicemails go unanswered.

You suspect that you resume and cover letter are not optimized for the MSL job hunt. Your chances may improve after some key changes. But you have already blasted that sub-optimal resume all over the Internet! Who knows how long this sub-optimal resume version will be kept in company databases forever? Now you back-peddle to all those MSL jobs you’ve ever applied to, praying your improved resume goes through and that you’ll get another chance at a medical science liaison job.

At this point, any attempt at updating your resume becomes FUTILE. I’m not joking. As recently as 2007 March 2010, I have gotten calls from a recruiter who somehow has a copy of a 5-year old version of my resume, when I was applying for MSL positions.

Original print copy format of my MSL career bookI have seen so many aspiring MSLs run into the SAME OBSTACLE, the SAME REJECTION, and the SAME “CATCH-22” OVER AND OVER AGAIN that I titled my MSL Career book, “All MSLs Started with No MSL Experience!” (Since this is a mouthful to type, I abbreviate it as “AMSWNME”)

This book focuses on a point: Every new MSL employed today did not magically come equipped with MSL experience. This means: Every MSL before they became MSLs faced the same objection that has tripped up so many new MSL job seekers today.

This also means: New MSLs who know about the secrets in this book can competitively position themselves to break into this career even without MSL experience. This more importantly means: You can get your hands on the same secrets these new MSLs have, and make this information work for YOU.

This book is different because it focuses specifically on aspiring MSLs like you and gets to the root of the “no prior MSL experience” objection.

This book does not waste your time with “page fillers”. This book is not written as a “general MSL” book. Instead, this book deals with questions you’ll have as an aspiring medical science liaison, like:

  • “What do MSLs actually DO?” What’s a typical week/month in the life of a MSL?
  • What MSL hiring managers actually mean when they”re looking for “a team player”?
  • The pros and cons of starting out as a contract MSL, beyond the obvious.
  • What font face to NEVER USE if you want to be taken seriously as a MSL candidate.
  • What item you need to count in any cover letter you send out, because chances are, the hiring managers are counting it!
  • #1 reason why recruiters don’t call back a MSL job seeker (it’s not just because you “don’t have prior MSL experience”).
  • THREE CHECKLISTS to help you Overcome Catch-22. If you can meet the criteria for most or all of the items in this checklist, you WILL increase your chance of getting a response from recruiters and employers!

I’ve asked (and answered) many of the questions you want to ask, even questions you should ask but may not yet thought of, like:

  • How do I inspire confidence at interviews so the employer is willing to give me a chance (i.e. Hire You)!
  • “How long is too long” for you to keep applying to MSL jobs?
  • Can I become a MSL right out of grad school?
  • Will working as a pharma sales rep or as a CRA be my “foot in the door”?
  • Will putting “MSL” or “thought leader development” in my resume help me?
  • How can I get a current MSL to help me? How do I network with MSLs?
  • How do I demonstrate teamwork or leadership if I haven’t worked in a corporate setting?
  • What if I come from a basic science research background? How do I get the clinical skills?
  • Are certain degree types (example, PhD v. PharmD v MD v. other non-doctorate degrees) preferred over others by MSL hiring managers? What if I don’t have a doctorate degree?
  • Do MDs enjoy a certain advantage when applying to MSL positions?
  • How much travel do MSLs really do? I keep getting different numbers from different people.
  • How can I get an internship for a MSL position? or is this possible?
  • Can I moonlight/freelance on the side or do consulting or teaching while working for a company as a MSL?

Many MSLs who were laid off in 2010 are STILL looking for employment, at least here in the U.S. … But this hasn’t stopped aspiring MSLs who have no prior MSL experience from breaking into the MSL career and becoming EMPLOYED medical science liaisons! They simply didn’t leave this to chance or luck. People who have had access to the INSIGHTS I share in this book get responses when they were ignored before, receive offers from a MSL position when they are competing with people WITH MSL experience (i.e. working MSLs), and even get calls about other careers that they had never considered before.

One MSL director liked the book so much, she bought a second copy for a colleague she was mentoring, because “this book is the best resource out there on the MSL career.”


I’ve decided to offer the workbook-size format of my original MSL book — right here, on MSL Institute.

This way, you get to have a meaningful comparison for the quality of “advice” you get out there.

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