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Jane Chin, Ph.D. I started the MSL Quarterly in 2003 as the first magazine for MSL professionals that addressed issues like metrics, compliance, and work-life balance.

Back then, the medical science liaison profession was not well known, and the MSL role was not appreciated even within the pharmaceutical industry.

I founded the MSL Institute in 2004 to increase awareness of the MSL profession, proactively discuss the value that MSLs bring to their organizations, and to advocate for best practices in field-medical affairs. I worked with MSL directors and MSL professionals to examine critical questions about the MSL role and how the value of this role may be measured. Often, I served to ask the questions that many MSLs thought about, but dared not ask.

What began as a grassroots effort have become a formidable collection of fair-balanced resources about the MSL role. The resources in MSL Institute's library represent a piece of history that shows just how far we have come as medical science liaison professionals.

Jane Chin, Ph.D. [LinkedIn / Learn More]

Jane Chin

2017 Global MSL Salary Survey

    This year, Medical Science Liaison Institute collaborated with Medical Affairs Center of Influence in this global medical science liaison salary survey.

  • Around a 50/50 split between U.S. based responders and outside the U.S.
  • Around half of responders are relatively new (under 2 years of experience) to the MSL profession

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“A lot of people today complain about their jobs. A few are doing something about it. Jane Chin founded the MSL Institute with the goal of safeguarding and enhancing the medical science liaison profession. This position has great value to drug companies, physicians, and our society. It calls for the highest standards of competency and ethical behavior.

Prior to Jane’s efforts, the position known as Medical Science Liaison was ill-defined and many believe on a path to extinction. Concerned with this drift, Jane left her job as an MSL to start the MSL Institute which has set a variety of standards for the field and a set of accomplishments too numerous to list. There are newsletters, forums for exchange, training programs, and a job posting board, to name only a few of the many resources that did not exist prior to Jane’s efforts.

I hope you will consider her for your inspiring drivers in the life-sciences industry. She is making a difference.”

-- 2006 PharmaVoice Nomination of Jane Chin’s work by a senior medical science liaison


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