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Medical Science Liaison Institute Knowledge Library contains more than a thousand pages’ worth of articles, books, and research reports created by Jane Chin for the MSL Institute through the past decade, now available to the medical science liaison profession and the public. The library is organized for MSL Executives, current MSLs, and aspiring medical science liaisons. Library content is available either as text or image file of the original PDFs.

If you are a Pharmaceutical executive, you may hire Jane Chin for medical affairs consulting and advisory.



  1. Medical Science Liaisons: An Overview
  2. Wanted: Relationship Capital. Seeking: Medical Science Liaisons
  3. Emergence of Medical Science Liaisons as a Formidable Educational Force
  4. HR “Getting” Medical Science Liaisons
  5. Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs)
  6. Clinical Trial Liaisons v. Medical Science Liaisons

  8. There is NO Safe Harbor for Medical Science Liaisons
  9. What Medical Science Liaisons Can, and Cannot Say
  10. Jane Chin Answers Your Questions on Off-Label Discussions
  11. When You Shouldn’t Start a MSL Team
  12. Medical Science Liaison Roles: Enigma and Dilemma
  13. Off-Label Promotion, Prosecution, and OIG Scrutiny of MSL Activities
  14. Webinar Medical Science Liaison Compliance Primer I&II 102 mins with Alan Minsk

  15. Strategic Partnership Content: PHARMACERTIFY Sales representatives and medical science liaisons (MSLs) work together to ensure healthcare professionals (HCPs) receive accurate and timely answers to their questions. However, the nature of topics that may be discussed by each function is different. MSLs and Sales Reps: Understanding the Divide describes the many factors that divide the two roles, including company policies and regulatory requirements. Sales representatives and medical science liaisons (MSLs) work together to ensure healthcare professionals (HCPs) receive accurate and timely answers to their questions. However, the nature of topics that may be discussed by each function is different. MSLs and Sales Reps: Understanding the Divide describes the many factors that divide the two roles, including company policies and regulatory requirements.



  16. Overview of Medical Science Liaison Metrics
  17. Medical Science Liaison Metrics Consensus 2007
  18. Medical Science Liaison Metrics Research (Full Report, 100 Pages)
  19. Executive Primer to Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Metrics, 54 Pages

  21. Medical Science Liaison Salary Survey 2006 & 2007 Year 2010


  23. MSL Team Building: What Not to Do
  24. Developing Medical Science Liaisons Across Tenure Spectrum
  25. Medical Science Liaison Job Satisfaction 2009 Survey
  26. Want Satisfied MSLs? Give them the Right Tools
  27. What is Your MSL Retention Culture?
  28. Webinar: MSL Role-Perception Survey: Is the Role Meeting Expectation 66 mins with Oleg Kornev
  29. Medical Science Liaison Training: Results, Objectives, Implementation
  30. MSL Training: New Hire Challenges & Domains of Acclimation
  31. MSLs – Professionals versus Amateurs
  32. What Can MSLs Learn from Sales?
  33. What’s Unique about Your MSL Program: Different Role, Same Questions
  34. Editorial: Who Truly Drives Overspecialization of MSL Roles?
  35. MSL Managers: Scaling Your Communication
  36. Trusted Circles: The Higher You Climb, The More You Need It
  37. Does Team Competition Breed Excellence?


  1. Thought Leader Development: No New Data
  2. Effective MSLs Talk in Specifics
  3. KOL Influencers are as Important to Interact with as KOLs
  4. 7 Dimensions of Next Level MSL Performance (17-Page Workbook)
  5. The Medical Science Liaison Handbook (2003)
  6. MSL Newbie Tips
  7. 2 Key Personality Traits of the Enduring MSL
  8. 4 Practices of High-Performing MSL Professionals
  9. 5 Keys to Succeeding as a MSL
  10. 5 Questions to Ask about your MSL Job Satisfaction
  11. 6 Traits of Effective MSLs
  12. 8 Questions to Ask to Improve Your Performance as a MSL
  13. Webinar: Bridging The Gap: Preparing For Your Role as an MSL 40 mins with Candace Brown
  14. Your First 30 Days as a Medical Science Liaison
  15. Simple Secret to Success (MSL, Life, Whatever!)
  16. How to Be a Real MSL Star
  17. Dealing with a Demoralizing MSL Director
  18. MSLs – Watch Your “Keys” on Social Media Networks
  19. How to Evaluate Your MSL Manager
  20. When is it Time to Leave Your Company for a Different MSL Job?
  21. MSL Job Satisfaction: Job Hopping Traps
  22. MSLs in Start-Up Companies
  23. Recession-Proof Your MSL Career
  24. MSL Career Development: Reinvent Before You Need Tobusiness acumen
  25. MSL Work-Life Balance: Hours for Pay
  26. Personal Success Benchmarks – Do You Have Yours?
  27. MSL Teamwork: Thinking Outside the Box
  28. Staying Motivated as a Medical Science Liaison
  29. Medical Science Liaison: A Dead-End Job?
  30. MSL Retention: Is Grass Greener on Other Side?
  31. Art of Medical Science Liaising: Don’t Forget Business Process
  32. Medical Science Liaisons’ Career Limiting Trap
  33. Surviving Manager Ride-Along, Managing Up, and Stereotyping the MSL Function
  34. MSL Job Karma: What if your subordinate becomes your manager one day?
  35. Medical Science Liaison Career Planning Points
  36. “I am exhausted and frazzled every week.”
  37. MSL Teamwork: Good Team Playing starts with Peer Recognition


  1. mslcareersBreaking Into the Medical Science Liaison Profession: Catch-22
  2. In MSL Country, Jargon Matters
  3. Evaluating an Industry Job Offer
  4. Working with MSL Recruiters and Answering Ads
  5. Create your MSL presentation strategy
  6. Do I have what it takes to get a MSL job?
  7. 7 Fundamentals of Compelling Medical Science Liaison Resumes (44-Page Book)
  8. All Medical Science Liaisons Started with No MSL Experience (64-Page Book based on 2009 Print Edition)
  9. How I Got This (MSL) Job via The Scientist Magazine
  10. MSL Performance: What Will You Offer to Your MSL Organization?
  11. Question about Reference Letters
  12. MSL Interviews: Work on your STARs
  13. Watch your attitude, it shows in your MSL applications!
  14. What do you do when you get a MSL recruiter on the phone?
  15. What can you do, right now, to help your MSL job prospects?
  16. Getting MSL Jobs: Pace and Persist
  17. Contract MSL is a 2.5 Full-Time Jobmsl careers
  18. Domains Assessed in MSL Interviews
  19. Tips to Stay Motivated while Aiming to Become a MSL
  20. MSL Career: Why Life-Long Career Makes Sense
  21. What hiring managers look for during MSL interviews
  22. List of MSL Interview Questions
  23. What to start doing for the rest of your MSL/professional career
  24. Crossfunctional collaboration: what are MSL managers looking for?
  25. The MSL Power Plan Gives You Power: 30-60-90 Days
  26. Master your MSL interview presentation
  27. Picking Topics for Your MSL Interview Presentation
  28. Sales Rep asking if Masters Degree helps

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