What’s New in 2014


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Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Sales Reps: Understanding the Divide

mslMSL Institute partners with Pharmacertify to create this eLearning module on differentiating field-scientific teams from field-commercial teams, and how these teams diverge and converge when interacting with healthcare providers (HCP). The module covers the federal policy on the scientific exchange of information between an MSL and HCP, and how the government views MSL interactions with HCPs differently than those of sales representatives. Topics include Policies and guidance governing the divide between the field-medical and field-sales roles, and Myths that surround what MSLs can and cannot do. To learn more, and purchase this module for your organization, please visit our strategic partner Pharmacertify’s website.

Medical Science Liaison Newsletters

free msl newsletters Still going strong since we converted our quarterly (“MSL Quarterly”) subscription format to ad-supported email newsletter format! MSL Institute founder Jane Chin provides key insight into issues that MSL professionals face on the job and in the job market. Past article titles include Succeeding as a New MSL Manager, Interview Questions that Unearth MSL Personalities, David and Goliath Competitive Intelligence, and the True Purpose of (Compliance) Policies and Procedures. To sign up for our MSL newsletters, opt-in via this web form.